Bittu Kumar: Know everything about his work and the resources implied by him


This article here will throw light on Bittu Kumar. Sales and marketing is one such sector where you do need an extra bit of advice and judgment from people who are seniors to you in this business. Here you are involved in such a sector where even the smallest mistakes can change your life and take into 2 completely different directions. You may not have heard about this man in discussion here, but he can definitely be of some help to you.

About Bittu Kumar
Bittu is an author and also an entrepreneur at the same time. His website is all about start-ups and the sales and marketing strategies related to your business. It involves in depth details and information about anything and everything that is related to these topics. Besides, starting your own business if you want any kind of help regarding growth hacking and go to market strategy then this is just the right place where you have come. This guy will help you through all the situations, and you get a guide in all the difficult situations. There are so many things that you get here, and that will complete you as a beginner.
Read books by Bittu
Now, what can you actually expect from this man who is at the helm of affairs? You get so many e books here which can be really helpful for any beginner. One such book is “marketing for beginners”. You get to read this book from the site itself. If you seriously need hard core lessons regarding different strategies, then you can also take courses on specialized subjects. Besides, taking courses and reading books, you can also read personal blogs of the man himself. They are always a touch more interesting than the books.
Listen to the podcasts uploaded by Bittu and get a better idea about all the different marketing strategies.