Growing Popularity of Hip Hop Culture

After I’m walking down the street, its trivial to hear sub-bass from the most recent hip hop hits. Its a music genre that’s exploded in popularity year after year.
In Forbes “Most Affluent Rappers” you see Jay Z net worth, 50 Cent, and P Diddy made a combined total of 94 million dollars in 2007 alone. How long would normal people like you and me have to work to only earn 1 million?
On YouTube, the most viewed videos are naturally hip hop. Videos like “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis have got over 70 million views. Of the effects of the internet, although its a reflection not only of hip hops popularity..

It’d appear that thanks to the Internet, mega-popularity is not considerably more difficult then in the past. Consider a rising star like Soulja Boy. He became popular first on the internet, and only then was he seen by record executives looking
Websites like Myspace have actually millions of artists working to develop a fan base, and showcasing their music. Hip Hop has a leading spot on Myspace, with millions of groups fighting for popularity. Will this music style consistently stay so popular?
That will be determined by just the people. The phrase “Hip Hop is Dead” has been popularized by rapper Nas. Many believe he was speaking of how commercialized the artwork is becoming, and not about its popularity.
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