The Soothing Liquid Sunshine of Matcha tea

Ever wondered how it will feel to sip on a hot, golden, fresh brew made with flowers? Chances are you already know the feeling. But if you still haven’t, well, we can give you an insight. Start with some fresh Chamomile or buy Chamomile Bouquet. Do your research on the fresh bloom. Hunt the flowers down in a green field, make yourself a brew, and lose yourself in the bliss.

Does the fresh-from-the-green option sounds easy? Well, not literally so. To get your hands on fresh Chamomile, straight from the field, can be daunting. You can try growing a bush in your garden. But the easiest way is to head straight to a tea shop or log into some website and order one. There are loads of blends of herbal tea concoctions you will readily get in the market.

A plain and simple infusion of the flower can be wonderful. The infusion is clean, light, sweet and breathtakingly fresh. You can also pop a few while you are brewing that perfect cup of green tea, and sink in your favorite corner of the house. One sip of the light golden sunshine will take the entire day’s stress off you.

Chamomile flavors act as a quintessential ‘soothsayer’. The gentle aromatic fragrance is heady in the most relaxing way. Chamomile has been used for centuries in drinks and food. The flowers help to sleep well and heal an upset stomach. It is a super dose of antioxidants in a hot cup or a cold glass of light golden liquid.

If you do not want it hot, try a cold cordial made with fresh strawberries and Chamomile. Hull and chop a handful of ripe strawberries. Cook these strawberries, with some water, honey and 4 to 5 heaped teaspoons of Matcha tea. Leave it overnight and serve it with some sparkling water and a few fresh Chamomiles, the next day. Sit, sip and soak in the calming fragrance. And did we hear you murmur “aah…”?