Three types of Wastewater treatment: physical, biological and chemical

Various types of treatment-related to water
People know that without water man cannot live. But now day’s polluted water harms the human body. For this reason, water treatment is the most necessary part that removes all dirty things. You can quickly remove all sustenance if you follow the physical, chemical, and biological process. If you follow the physical process, settling and filtration is the best way for removing the polluted things from water. In the chemical process, disinfection process has no substitute.

In the biological process, the slow sand filtration process is useful for removing all polluted things. If people follow these types of treatment, they can easily get healthy water for drinking or get purified water for their daily use.

Process of wastewater treatment
In the advancement of technology, wastewater became utilized if you follow some process. Waste water treatment is now available in the various ways. If you want to use the wastewater, you should follow some important steps. These processes which relate to this treatment are as follows:
• Filtration is the best process which removes all types of contaminate from the water. As a result, people can easily get purified water.
• If you control the algae in your water pre-chlorination is the best process which controls the algae and controls the biological growth.
• Aeration is the best process which keeps the balance of iron and manganese in the water. As a result, drinking this water people can easily get purified water.
• If you want to separate the solids from water sedimentation is the major process.
• Disinfection process mainly kills bacteria, algae, fungus and other unwanted components. As a result, if you use purified water in your daily life using this method you can easily get healthy water.
• The polyelectrolyte is the process of water testing that is helpful for floc formation which will robust and using this system you can easily lead a healthy life.