Walking Dead: The Battle for Survival

Are you a fan of the series – the Walking Dead? Have you been following the series up? If no, just sit back and read through this article to be enlightened. But, if yes, you should prepare to answer some of the rhetorical questions that will be asked even as you are being enlightened. The first question that would be asked is ‘What is the central issue in series being discussed?’ This question has caused a lot of commotion out there especially because a lot of messages can be seen in the series if you watch all the seasons. This article will try to point to the main message in the series.

While the series is somehow about the Zombies (otherwise known as walkers in the series) who have invaded the world, it will be wrong to say that this is the main message. First, you will agree that there are no details as to how this invasion came about. Also, you will agree that the zombies no longer have no significant if the survivors are no longer in the series. For instance, some people predict that the day all the survivors will die is the day the series end. If this is true, it means that the series is more about the survivors than the zombies are. It is on this basis that we submit that the Walking Dead Season is about survival.
If you will carefully review each episode, you will see that it is always a battle for survival. No matter how many seasons of walking dead you have watched, you will agree that this is the storyline. The survivors are always optimistic that it will be well and that one day the entire situation will return to normal. From this series, one should be able to realize that there is never a time to give up. This life is about survival and the day you give up is the day your fears overcome you. Why running from your fears for safety, there are times you should face your fears.