Which types of drugs are included in 5 panel drug test?

Mostly, drug tests are done on the base of panels. Every panel remains active to detect the drug. There are numerous drug tests in the form of the panel like- 4 Panel drug test, 5 panel drug test, 6 Panel drug test, 7 Panel drug test and more. It is a 5 panel Urine drug test that evaluates the presence of commonly abused substances. Standard 5 panel drug test evaluate the five drug substances-

• Cocaine
• Opiates
• Amphetamines

Cocaine is made from the leaves of Coca plants. It is a white powder that similarly looks like baking soda or baby powder. It is tested in 5 Panel drug tests. It is considered as the most dangerous appetite suppressant and harmful on the point of view of psychological or physical loss.
PCP is usually a synthetic chemical that is produced in illegal ways and stolen from veterinary sources. It is known as Phencyclidine that provides detrimental effects on human beings according to the report of 5-panel drug test employers.
THC is found in the form of dried flower buds and in baked cookies and brownies. It may be harmful to health if anybody takes without prescription. Although the government considers it as a drug with no medical use, it allows legally on the prescription of marijuana.
It is processed from Opium Poppy plants. The users are addicted to it as a painkiller or relaxer that increases their euphoria. It has come out in the form ofheroin in a drug test 5 Panel.
This drug is found in two forms as Amphetamines and Methamphetamine. These are potential for physical or psychological dependence.